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    Thursday, 11 May 2017

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    Writing Audience Oriented Blog Post in 2017

    In the past few years blogging have seen many up's and down's with lots of blog updates, one of which was the most popular THE PANDA UPDATE. Heard of it right ?

    In this article you will lean how to tackle the audience by giving them articles that they need in 2017. 
    Not all blog post are meant to go viral as soon as someone or somebody shares it. It require time and best marketing strategies to get it going. 

    Writing Audience Oriented Blog Post in 2017
    Writing Audience Oriented Blog Post in 2017 


    Review what type of audience you are getting from around the world and what kind of interaction activities they are preforming while being on your blog post.

    The more the audience research you do the more good your article will be in upcoming time will be. Use the audience comments to see what kind of articles will be beneficial for the blog to stay in the list of readers and gain more of them in upcoming time.


    As we all know "CONTENT IS KING" the more effective the articles the more reader will it gain in log term run. 

    Make sure to engage with new users while they comment on your blog post, reply them what they ask or ask them more about what they are willing to read on your blog.   

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    Monday, 29 June 2015

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    Getting Country Specific Traffic

    Country Specific Traffic 

    One of the Major aspects of blogging is getting traffic. A good traffic means that you can make a decent amount of money from online advertising website such as Google AdSense, Media.Net and many others.

    But getting traffic to a website/blog is more of a challenge as for the newbie blogger as well as some of the professional blogger too sometimes. Talk of which, traffic should be consistent as well as returning traffic.

    A good organic traffic (traffic from search engines) will make the website popular as well as will get a high ranking in search engines depending on the content.

    How to Get Country Specific Traffic

    First of all let’s understand what country specific traffic means.

    Country Specific Traffic means to generate a traffic source from a target country such as US, Canada, China etc. Getting International traffic for Indian bloggers is one of their main aim, in term to make money from their blogging.

    Getting Traffic

    First off all just after a website is built if should be placed on a Domain Name which represents the website on the internet via a specific link which is called the Domain address.

    A preferred domain will be a .Com site which stands for commercial websites and is a standard for all websites. Other than this there are .net, .biz , and many others domain extension that can be purchased and used by the website owner.

    So How to Get Country Specific Traffic?

    • Get a Country Specific Domain Address Such as, or, here .in will get most of the traffic from India and .as will get traffic from Australia mostly.
    • Host the website on a US based address while purchasing a server space. This can be achieved by the help and mutual understanding of a friend living in abroad.
    •  Share website link on Google+. Yes, most of the bloggers stay away from Google+ but most of the international traffic can be generated from google+.
    • Use Country specific Keywords in the blog/website articles which can drive more traffic from search engines. Working on Specific keywords can generate a lot of traffic from different countries.
    • In the Google Webmaster Choose Target Specific Country and select the Specific country. What will this do is that when a specific keyword is search on the search engine if the website have relevant keywords the site will be shown in the search result as per the ranking of the website. 

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    Sunday, 28 June 2015

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    3 Don’ts of Blogging

    3 Don’ts of Blogging
    3 Don’ts of Blogging 

    Are you are blogger?  No matter if you are a newbie or a professional blogger, this topic is all for those who are blogging from so long or have just started blogging. Most of the bloggers think that just writing a 600 word content and posting on their blog will get them going. This is totally wrong.

    Today I am going to tell you Some Don’ts in blogging

    Don’t Be a Shy Blogger

    The first thing that a blogger thinks that just by sharing their blog link will do all the work for them. This is totally wrong. Just by sharing one blog link only 5-10 people may visit it for that time only.

    In blogging the more you share you link the more you will get traffic. First of all submit your blog/websitelink here. Then Share your article link not the website link on social network such as Facebook and twitter.

    Don’t Write Long Content

    Unless it’s a tutorial don’t write long content article on your website/blog. Having said so, we know that there is a term called Bounce Rate that every blogger have to keep in mind while managing their visitors from the reliable source such as google and other search engines.  

    Check out article on How to Reduce Bounce Rate

    Don’t Get into Bad Back-linking  

    Back-linking is one of the ways to increase your website traffic and to increase your website ranking in google and other ranking search engines. But Get a single bad back-link will get you’re ranking down and will affect your search engine rank too. Bad backlink is nothing but site which have low search engine rank as well as low website rank.

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    Wednesday, 4 March 2015

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    Target Audience {Part 1}

    Target Audience {Part 1}
    Target Audience {Part 1} 

    What are Target Audience?

    Between an audience and a target audience there is lots of difference. An audience is anyone and everyone you can share your work with but a target audience is the one you are looking for. It’s been long known that one of the major factor of a blog to become success in the audience is to get the blog to right set of people. These people are known as Target audience.

    How to know your target Audience

    According to your blogging niche, target audience are also varies. Basically target audience is divided into age groups as well as their interest.

    Knowing your audience according to you blog niche and topics is one major factor of being a successful blogger.

    Suppose, you have a gaming blog then join gaming communities and share your blog and articles. Sharing your blog is important not only to the other bloggers you know but also to the normal people who might be in search of some good information online relating to your blog niche.

    How to Get Target Audience

    Getting target audience is not hard, but requires a little bit of work. In Today's time Social websites such as Facebook and Google+ have made it very easy for a blogger to quickly share their blog and grab any interested audience according to their blogging niche.
    Planning for Target Audience
    To get target audience it’s better to plan them. By planning we mean to properly set up your business profile page on social networking site like Tumbler, Digg , Facebook and Google+.
    Once your profile is been set, it’s time to get yourself audience for your blog. The best way to quickly find target audience is to get the Target audience set up in the Facebook. This is the latest feature added by the Facebook page its free of cost.

    Next Part of Target Audience coming soon stay Tuned!!!
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    Wednesday, 21 May 2014

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    On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques

    On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques
    On-Page and Off-Page SEO Techniques 

    SEO search engine optimization a basic need of every website/blog in today’s time. Most of us have hard about both On-Page SEO and off-Page SEO.

    On-Page SEO is that in which you edit on your website coding in template. Off-Page SEO is that in which you do a little work to market your website on the internet.

    Hearing a word SEO makes us feel both excited as well as nerves. Excited because we know that SEO makes your blog rank higher in Google search and Nerves because we think is my Site SEO optimized?
    So today I am going to explain what exactly you have to do in Off-page SEO as well as in On-Page SEO.

    Starting off with On-Page SEO 

    On-Page SEO Techniques

    On-Page SEO includes several points which make your website SEO Friendly and get indexed in Google search Engines.

    Blog/website Title

    The first and most important thing of your blog is the brand name. Have a solid brand name for your website is most important.

    Few points to consider while choosing a blog/website title:-

    A page title must be if possible a Keyword relating to your blog niche.

    Page title should be relevant to the content on the website.

    Some Recommendation from Recognised Search Engines for the Website Page title:-

    W3C:- 64 characters.
    Bing: - 65 characters long.
    Yahoo: - 67 characters

    Google although have not a fixed length of page title. But it’s a 70 character long tail keyword title which can be displayed in Google Search Engines.

    Keywords/Key Content

    It’s all about the keyword that you place on your website to make it index on Google search engines or on 
    any other search engine.

    Keyword Criteria

    Keyword can be of any length but below 70 characters.

    Two Keywords in one line is good.

    Keep the Keyword Ratio of 2-3% in each article/post of the website. More than this will come under keyword stuffing and won’t do any good to ranking your website.

    Meta Tag Description

    Meta Tag Description refers to the Description that appears on the Search Engines below your blog title and website URL.

    A Meta Tag Description can be 150 characters long and should be coded into HTML of your website.
    In Description you can insert High paying keywords which will help in better search result ranking.Describe your website elaborately in these 150 words because most of the visitor actually read your website description.

    URL of Post

    Including keywords in URL of your post is the best way to ensure that your article is listed on top of the search query.

    Use (-) to separate each word in a URL. This represents that the URL is SEO friendly.

    Image Alt

    Image alt means showing alternative text instead of image when ever the page is unable to load the image.
    This also helps in search ranking as if you have placed a keyword in the image alt tag your website will be showed on the search result.

    Read More on :- SEO For Starters

    Off –Page SEO Technique 

    Off page SEO technique that really make a big impact on your blog ranking.

    Off-Page SEO includes

    Social Sharing

    Although In a research it’s made clear that Social Share Do not Indicate Google Ranking, then also sharing your content social is most important.

    You can share your Content/Article on
    2.     Face book
    3.     Twitter

    Link Building

    Building connection with other bloggers of the same Niche is really important in blog spear. Link building refers to getting quality back-link for top PR weblog and website.

    While getting Back-link keep following in mind

    1.   DA of the blog
    2.      PR of the blog
    3.     Traffic and Alexa Rank of the blog

    Cross Linking

    Cross Linking refers to internal linking of existing article on the website. You can Show similar Article at the bottom of each article so that, people refer to those also after finishing the current one.

    Video Promotion

    Go make a You-Tube video to promote your stuff online. Most of the bloggers adopt this technique to increase their website traffic.


    The above mentioned tricks will surly get your blog going to the rankings of Google search Engine. If you have tried all of the above tricks then its time to wait and watch your website be more productive and get massive traffic.

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    Thanks Plz Share the article if you like it

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    Tuesday, 20 May 2014


    How to Make a Successful Blog

    How to make a successful Blog
    How to make a successful Blog

    Blogging is now common among all the youth and every one is getting into blogging. But Are they successful? And the simple answer is “some of them are and some of them are not”.

    What’s the Reason?

    In a quick analysis of how blogging stuff works, it’s interesting to see that one alone can’t run a successful blog. You need some kind of support staff for a successful blog.If you have started a blog with partner then it’s 100% guaranty that your blog will be successful.

    What Factors Effect Blog Success?

    There is lots of effort made by coupe of people behind running a successful blog or a website. 
    For example: - Face book its not popular just because of Mark Zukarburg but because of lots of people working hard to make face book the best site in social network.

    Now back to our blogging. You know that SEO which stands for Search Engine Optimisations is the major key factor all the blog rank and rank well on Google Search Engines.
    We already know that SEO Meta tags are required to make the blog show on Google Search Engines.

    So what are the Factors that Make a Blog Successful?

    First of all for a successful blog you have to hire few staff which can work paid or un-paid as per your negotiation with the one working for you.

    Some of the people are willing to work with good bloggers without getting paid you can search for them.
    So whom do you need to keep in your Team?

    Ok, here is the best part of this post you are looking for some specific people and nothing more than that. Here is the list of people you are looking for:-

    Content Writer

    Content Writer
    Content Writer 

    A content writer is a person who updates your blog/website with latest article and which is plagiarism free, this means that the article is unique and is not till now published on the internet.

    You are looking for someone with good writing skills, excellent hold and command on English Grammar. 

    Quality Inspector/Checker

    A person who keeps an eye a check on the quality that the website is providing is known as quality checker.
    A quality blog show reflection of a successful blog. If you manage to keep your blog up to date then your blog will have a steady flow of traffic as well as income in later stages.

    A person with good research abilities, who can compare your blog and other company blog and can make considerable changes, to make your website on top is the one you can hire straight away. 


    Template Designer
    Template Designer 

    Now a days we all know you can get free templates or even buy it online in a few dollars.

    But can you trust a template that you have no idea off that you apply on your blog. Most of the template that are free online bear a Footer credit link that automatically back-links your blog/website to the owner’s blog.

    A designer is a person who can design your blog as per your requirement.
    One major benefit of hiring a designer is that they can make you a SEO Friendly Template that will help in your blog ranking.

    So these are the three people you have to hire for a successful blog. And you are off course the manger and owner of the website. Your job is to develop content as well as watching over your employs. 

    What Else Is needed for a successful Blog?

    Ok, I will quickly tell you what else you need for a Successful blog. In today’s time blog name and blog URL is the most important. That is why if you do a domain name search you will find most of the name are already registered.

    So in all this you can do one thing use Google Adwords , that will work just fine to find the top paying as well as top searched keyword and keep that as a blog Title. For the blog URL you can make some modification around the keywords combination and register your domain name via or any other registering sites.

    Try to keep the Domain .com only as it will get you recognized as a commercial site and will get index very quick.


    After considering the above mentioned things, you will get more productive and earn more out of your blog. Keep in mind you can hire your friends or any one who is willing to work for you for free or may be some other cause.

    If you have money to spend I will recommend to hire all the people mentioned above. You will get quality skill workers as well as get the job done. 
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    Sunday, 2 March 2014


    Google AdSense Not Good For Indian Publishers

    Google AdSense
    Google AdSense 

    Every Bloggers in its blogging career came across to use a paying service website called “Google AdSense” this is one of the best online paying advertising company in the world as per the saying. But, for Indian publishers Google AdSense is mostly a fraud company who show ads on the Indian publishers website and blog. But Do not pay at the time they reach the minimum pay of $10.

    What are the Reason for not getting Paid

    Google Adsense never tell the exact reason why do they block a publisher id and deactivate/ discontinue their account. One day they get a notice email of getting “Banned For Google AdSense”. This mail is one of the most shocking emails for any Google AdSense user.

    Most of the Service user pay full attention to do not violate any rules and regulation of their term and conditions, But never got success.
    As per my experience including me and my some blogging friends got banned from Google Adsense for a reason Called “Click Bombing”.

    What is Click Bombing In Google Adsense Terms

    As clear by the name it self Click Bombing means getting high number on clicks on any advertisement on your blog ads. Many newbies do engange in click exchange programs where some people click on each other blogs ads. This have been done over a long period of time by many successful bloggers around the world. Yes, i can say thing.

    For Google Adsense , Click Bombing comes into picture when the CTR that means the Click Through Rate is higher that 5%. Mostly, according to Google Adsense report CTR reaches a max of 2%-3% in which some people make good amount of money per month.

    When Will They Ban You ?

    Mostly Seen, when you reach $10 they ask you for verification of your documents for getting your location and address information. Then as you start making some real cash as they minimum pay is $100 and that’s hard to come by for a newbie blogger.

    Keeping this in mind Google Adsense Ban that account for Indian Publishers so that they won’t have to pay up to the user. This is the main reasons many good bloggers are also keep searching for Google Adsense Alternatives.
    Indian Publishers are Advice to keep looking for a more sustainable source of income other than Google Adsense as you know USA got into crises and didn’t have money to pay up for their own cause.

    Some of the Google Adsense Alternatives are:-

    1. Chitika
    2. Infolinks
    3. Media Net

    Although using these is optional because they pay very less as compared to Google Adsense but are good alternative for Google AdSense
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