Wednesday, 22 May 2013

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Google Adsense a quick review

Google Adsense a quick review
Google Adsense a quick review 

 Google Adsense  a quick view

Many of you think is there a real way to make money online , yes there is Google Adsense. Those of you does not know what is google Adsensehere is a quick info :-
Google Adsenseis a marketing arena which take advertisement contract for the big company who want to showcase there website for more profit.
So where do you fit in , google search for people running any website , blog etc to show those advertisement on your blog. They share 67% of the money with you and keep the rest with them self.

How can you profit from google adsense

Ok here is the best way to make most out of google Adsensein a legal way , Just make the best blog of any popular nich ( trending topic).And after publishing it to some social networking sites and gaining fair amount of visitors to your site, apply for google Adsense

Condition For Adsense  Approval

To Get your Adsense account approved you have to make the blog with original content , Less copied of no copied stuff on the blog , try not to encourage people to click on your adsence ad’s shown , Do not use any page views increaser sites while using Google adsense

Why Do you Get Disapproved or Disable

Some people get disable Adsense account due to invalid or fake clicks on the ad’s they show. Many people think that they can out run the law of Google Adsense and make quick money but that’s not true. You have to Stick to the Google Adsense rule and regulation.

Thanks For reading, Hope this will help…