Saturday, 25 May 2013

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Understand the Concept of Back link


Back links are like the track of your blog which tells Google that your blog also exist. How let see , if you made a blog on Cooking and linked up your blog with others have the same topic of cooking then Google will crawl your site also while Google Crawl the others blog so your page rank increases

What are the ways to Increase Back-links

The main thing to increase the back link is doing it in the right way, you have to Google other blog having same topic or relevant topic to your blog then contact the owner and tell him about your blog and to link up blogs.

How Many Back-Links are Good

Many website provide free back links to your site just enter your url and back links are generated in this some website are good and some are bad you have to watch out for the bad once
The no. in back link does not matter as high as you got the back link your PR will be High.
A Rough est. is if you got 60 website showing your blog link your Alexa rank will be 600,000 something like this.

At last just few words Back links are the most important to your blog/website it enhance your presence of your website on Google