Tuesday, 25 June 2013

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Chitika – Online Advertising Network an overview

Chitika – Online Advertising Network

What does a blogger need? Generating money from blog as soon as they hit the launching day. But the Biggest question is on How to Earn from your blog as soon as you start it right. Here is the best and the 2nd most talked and used Advertising Networking site which pays you good if you see your whole 1 month earning.

I have been using this Networking so quite a time and already start making some steady income. It’s Good to have other option open other then Google Adsense because as you all know Google Pay the Best But after so many months when you reach your payment money of $100. Chitika is quite different you will get paid as soon as you hit $50 mark or other payment that you choose from.

How do you Start earning from Chitika
Start Earning With Chitika
Start Earning With Chitika 

This the best and easy part. Chitika is a search related based this gives you a full on chance to get more clicks from the visitors if you place your ad’s perfectly I will talk about that later in the post.

Chitika For Publishers

To set up you Chitika account simply visit Chitika.Com and click on sign up at the top right side.

Chitika Sign Up
Chitika Sign Up
Then Fill in your Details.


After you have registered it will take up to 48 hours or you can say 2 working days to get Approved. Approval is easy and you will get approved for sure.

Best Place to ad Chitika Ad’s

As far as I know top right or top let beside your post is to place your ad’s.
Other than this you can place your inside your blog post to make people click it more often.

Tip :-  Don’t Over Populate your blog with ad’s this will make people irritated and they won’t click on your ad’s.
For start earning from Chitika you got to have a daily 10 clicks on your Ad’s and don’t click on your own ad’s.

Chitika For Advertisers 

Chitika offers the Advertisers the best place to invest their money. There are some Estimate Budget For Per month expenses. Here is the list of those :-

$100,000 and so on.

The Big Question after seeing this figure is that do they really worth It. I say Totally Yes they are worth it. They Provide the most targeted audience for your business as per your website category.

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