Wednesday, 26 June 2013

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Key Points for a blogger

Key Points for a blogger
Key Points for a blogger
Are you blogger? of-course you are! Blogging now a days is the best way to express your views and also to make some money from it.

Now a day’s who have time to setup a proper SEO Optimized blog. But in this fast moving world if you are a blogger you have to make some move very slowly let me quote here “Slow And Steady wins the race” this quote really works for every blogger.  Longer you stay more successful you will become.

One more thing to include here that the more you get Criticized from other well know blogger the more successful you will become.

Key Points to work with

Responsive Template

Giving your blog a responsive template is the first thing to get your mind on. Readers visit only those blog which are attractive and easy to Navigate. Add a Navigation bar to your blog. There are many navigation bar available on the internet but my advice choose the simple and black and white navigation bar this make people feel happy when they click on it.


Providing your readers an Email-Subscription option is the most important . Many readers get impressed after reading few articles on your blog want to read your latest updates.

This is the time to hit them with your Email-Subscription option. One thing that many blogger do wrong in providing Email-Subscription is that they add a pop-up box when the page load for the first  time  to get Email-Subscribers. This is not the right method. How can a visitor subscribe you even before reading any article.

Playing with keyword

Playing with keywords is the most loved method by every blogger. To get high ranking in blogger its very important to know the correct keyword for your Blog Niche without that your blog can’t get any visitors from Google.

To Get the Best Keywords Read this article on Top PayingKeywords.

Loading Time of Your Blog

Loading Time plays a vital role in your blog success. Readers or visitor does not like lazy blog or website with take forever to load. This Present a messy impression of your blog on your readers and can harm your Social Circle also.

Keep the Older Article Alive

Revive your older article once in a week. Many bloggers post article promote it and forget it and move on. This you should avoid. Promote each and every article you posted once in a week. This helps you to gain readers for every article and not just one.

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