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Ultimate Guide to drive US traffic to your blog

Ultimate Guide to drive US traffic to your blog
Ultimate Guide to drive US traffic to your blog
Big tricks come on small blogs. Yes our blog is brand new to internet but today I am going to unfold the truth behind the huge success of Indian bloggers.

As all of you know that for an Indian bloggers to earn from his/her blog it’s important to drive US traffic or we can say traffic from outside India from everywhere on the earth.

Recently while I was checking my blog traffic source I found that I get traffic from United States, Belgium, Nigeria, Nepal, Morocco, China, Japan, Germany, Turkey, Russia. I was so amazed to see this recoded as I was only expecting traffic from India and Pakistan.
 By Getting Traffic from these countries Blogging Professionally rank took off like a rocket in the sky only after half month the blogs Alexa world rank is under 509,000 and Indian rank 22k.

For Many Indian bloggers it’s easy to get Indian people visiting there blog but it’s hard to promote their blog outside India. First of all keep in mind that getting traffic will take lots of efforts and most of your contacts on face-book.

Comfort your-self and set back and just read to get your blog reaching heights.

Starting Off,

Getting the Right People

First of all when you start a new blog you have to tell your friends about it. These friends are anyone who can access your website any time of the day and who like the topic you are writing on.
Get rid of all those people who won’t help you. Yes on face-book there are many friends of yours who won’t understand the meaning of blogging so would not visit your site.

From Face-book itself you can get people from outside India to check out your blog. The best way is to join groups which lets you share your blog articles and search for the one who have people form USA.

You can find other bloggers via Google Search most of them are on face-book and can help you in your blogging career.

Making Good Contact  

In the world of blogging without contacts you can’t achieve anything. It’s very hard to make it to the top on your own. Saying so, you can contact us for helping you out.
You can ask other bloggers to help you out. To get in touch with them you can simply search for Bloggers on face-book or Google search Indian Bloggers.

Its take some time for a new bloggers to get going with contact making because many big bloggers become arrogant (sorry to say , if you are a big blogger already) but it’s a fact.

One more way to make contact is by getting the email from your comment. Blogger have a unique thing which help you get the email id of the person who comment on your article. So, check your email for their mail id.

Engaging with your Visitors

It’s most important that every visitor on your blog feel a happy and memorable visit to your blog. Doing so will make them a regular visitor of your site.

For engaging with the visitor you can make form to fill or if you have time u can do live chat with them to make your blog more interesting to visit.

Use Google+ as much you can

Yes, by far the best place to get free traffic from USA and other countries other than yours is Google+. You get 1 page-view every time you share your article or blog in Google+.

Most of the people just promote article on facebook groups, pages and some time on twitter also but never on Google+ that the big mistake they do. Are You Doing The Same!!!

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