Saturday, 20 July 2013

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What and how you can learn from popular bloggers

Learn from other bloggers
Learn from other bloggers 

Hello all bloggers, this is a whole new topic on what type of things that you can learn from other big and successful Bloggers. Learn from them will get you going from the first day of your blogging career.

First of all finding a good and popular Blog is important. You can’t just see any Blogspot blog and learn from it right. So, first find the best blog relating to your blog Niche.

Finding Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience
Targeted Audience 

After find the best and most popular blog relating to your Niche then it’s time to understand what type of audience that particular blog attracts and the type of Targeted it have.

To Find the Audience you can simply do a site search on Alexa and it will provide all the info you need. By doing this you can get a overview on which type of Audience you can target to get most out of your blog and getting more people and right people to read your blog.

Content writing style

Content Writing Style
Content Writing Style 

Every Blogger of any Niche have its own Unique writing style. Make your own Unique writing style to attract more readers. One more benefit of doing this is that your content will be safe from copy-past scam.

As there are many bloggers who don’t have writing style and their content is simply copied by other bloggers to get benefit from their hard work.
Making a Unique writing style is fun and have its own importance in your blogging Career.

Widget Selection for Particular Niche

Yes, Not every Niche require every widget that you have put up on your blog. By visiting other popular blog of your Niche and not any others you can get the right idea of what type of Widget is most profitable for your blog or website.

Like for example: if your blog is relating Affiliate Marketing then Amazon Box in the add widget is best to add on your blog. And If your blog is about video and other stuff then adding You-tube video is best for you.

Type of Content in the Article

As we all know that for every content idea it come from what the Audience want to read on your blog right. So, understanding what type of audience you might have on your blog is more important. There are two type of audience of every niche. One Type of audience are those who like short and simple article. These type of people find small length articles with most of the relating information in It.

Second Type Are those who like lengthy article which explain a particular topic step by step. These type of people are mostly found in Computer Tricks and blogging tips Niche.

These are the basic thing that your can learn from other big bloggers and website owners and make your way to success.

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