Thursday, 12 September 2013


Blogging: From Hobby To Profession

Blogging a hobby or profession 

Now a day’s blogging is seen more as a profession rather than just a time pass hobby.  If you have seen the picture “The Social Network” which shows the development of “Face-book” you many have noticed the “Mark Zukerberg” used to write blogs before he came into making the most popular social networking site know as “Face-book”.

The concept of blogging in old days was simple, it means to share information on any topic or any area of same interest.  In old days blogging was not much of a talking in the day-to- day life. Many people didn’t even know what blogging is and what a blogger is.

But as the nation, culture and social societies develop the concept of blogging came more and more into light. Now a day’s blogger have a different kind of respect in society. Although, making a name out of blogging is still a difficult task to accomplish.

How People Used To Blog in Old Days

If we see the past of blogging, not ever another person like or even know what blogging is.In old days blogging was not much into the light and given a heads up for doing.

People used to just say “Blogging is a waste of Time and Money”.In old days blogging is more like a hobby for some people and not considered as a profession at all. People used to write blogs about anything from the daily life happenings to the outside world news.

Many people who showed special interest in blogging is now well know blogging of all times.
In old days

How People Blog Now-a-Days

 Now a day’s blogging have a whole new concept and mind set. As the development of internet and it’s easy of using more and more people is 
showing interest in blogging.

The main reason why blogging changed from just a time pass hobby to a profession of some people is the involvement of money making schemes and sites. As you all know Google Ad Sense is the best site to generate revenue/ income from just blogging.

But this also got into a little mess because many people just copy and paste article from different site for making quick money from blogging.
Seeing this strategy Google Ad Sense have made its terms and condition more and more strict and delete and blogs which do not agree with its terms and condition. Blogging have become harder and harder for those people who do not write unique and meaning full article for people.

Author Saying

As the society developed, blogging came forward. Blogging is not only what people write online on or, blogging is everything and anything you write down like writing a daily diary of happening , writing notes for doing this and that in a day everything is counted under blogging.

Thanks for visiting Blogging Professionally hope this article will get you the basic image of blogging and how it changed from just a time pass hobby to a profession.


Hitesh Ahuja said...

Taking blogging as a profession is really a good thing.
For this, you don't need to do a hell lots of graduation courses and all.
You just have to be perfect in whatever you are doing.
You may earn a lot of money being a blogger.
All it needs is that your content should be unique and fresh in the market and should be according to community's taste.

To be a profession blogger, you need to have just one thing- "Know your target audience"

Benny Mathur said...

Yes all your saying is true Hitesh its really important to know the audience well before you start a blogging niche and make it your profession.

Thanks for commenting