Saturday, 19 October 2013

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Unknown Facts About Blogging

Facts About Blogging
Facts About Blogging 

No matter how long you may be blogging, you always learn new and interesting things about blogger each and every day. No one till date has understood the real meaning of blogging and how you can use it for your own benefit.

For the past some time I was trying to find some new interesting facts about blogging that you might not heard of before. Today I am going to tell you 3 facts about blogging that will change your point of view about your blogging career.

1.     How Large Is Your audience

Well, till now and counting… is the correct answer for this question. Per day about 1 Lakh audience is increase in your viewing list but till now you are about to only access about 10% of 7 Billion population of whole world.

Say, you get around 10,000 traffic to your site that is only 2% of traffic from the whole world. If you are happy in this statics of traffic then you should think to increase you traffic.
If you have noticed your traffic source graph at every 1-2 minutes you get a new visitor to your website or blog this means you didn’t promoted your blog well because many people are still unaware of your blog or website.

2.     Unlimited Traffic

Yes, and are the only blogging platform which gives you daily unlimited traffic. You can have any amount of traffic depending on your sites popularity as well as sharing and promoting. This is why blogger have no limits for traffic incoming on any of the bloggers website.

3.     Flawless Uptime

Most of the blogger have not see this part or have overseen this section of blogger platform, that they never breakdown. Most of the other platforms have minor or sometime major breakdown due to which you are unable to access of see your website live, but blogger have no such condition till now.

These are Three Unknown Facts About Blogging… Stay Tuned For More.