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Top 10 SEO Tools For Bloggers

What is SEO ?

Search engine Optimization is the process of enhancing the visibility of your blog or blogs' content in organic search result .It involves different kind of search method like Image Alt Tag or Keyword, local search in your Content of your blog, this helps you to traffic from search engine to your blog .some time our back links process is also helps to get your content in search engine. The most important crucial step of webmaster is choose the best SEO tools for their content . Here I am sharing with you a list of “Top 10 SEO tool for Bloggers” choose on your choice………..

1-AdWords Keyword Tool :-

we know that Adwords is the best tool for analyzing the keyword rank and search tern based on world’s famous search engine Google. if you wants to get some visitor from source Google , so it’s most important to choose correct keyword for your content according to Google .

2-Google Trinity :-

here are 3 major services which plays important key role in optimizing your blog, Service are:-
webmaster tools - This provides all latest techniques and advices to enhance your blog quickly.
Google Analytics - Used for tracking visitor of your blog.
Google Trends - show you particular often to your blog in search engine.

3- SEO by Yoast for WordPress :-

this is a plug-in of wordpress. wordpress is the content management system. SEO by Yoast is only work with wordpress blog this helps to optimize your blog contents, in tool many features are present as automatic sitemap generator, meta tag , keyword optimizing etc.

4- Hubpost :-

this tool is developed by business websites that gives you an amazing training about inbound marketing, SEO and blogging. This tool will help you with almost all SEO and site queries. It also shows the quality and quantity of traffic in every minute.

5- Xenu’s Link Sleuth :-

This is a Amazing tool to find the broken links on your blog, this is free tool to find broken links by image , HTML files , txt and css .

6- Clicky :-

this is web analytics tools with custom dashboard but this is not free it will charge around 60$ and then you will get activate for 1 year license of Clicky.

7-Ubersuggest :-

this is awesome tool for finding keyword for your content this is easier in use and it will never charge for any service because this is free tool .

8- SEOmoz :-

this tool will help you to optimize all pages of your blog , this free only for 30 days. this track your social media performance also.

9-SEO Book Rank Checker :-

SEO book rank checker the the best analytics tool to check your blog rank for a specific keyword and phrase. this helps to which keyword will give good traffic on your blog ,etc.

10- SEMrush :-

SEMrush tool is used for check organic traffic of your blog from Google and Bing search engine. this tool also show your competitor , here you can see detail of your every backlink and getting traffic from backlink on every page.

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Ologundudu Abraham said...

This is very resourceful. Actually, this is the first SEO post i've read that defined SEO in the way you did. It's nice.

I use some of this tools and I've not heard of some. I've noted the one's that interest me. Thanks for sharing

neenasatine said...

thanks for sharing these info since many that you have mentioned are new to me

keep on posting and regards


Anil Chaudhari said...

Nice post
Thanks for sharing this wonderful information.

Chetan Mahore said...

Good resource!
I have used all of these tools except SEMrush.

Sam Adeyinka said...

This is literally very resourceful, Benny. Very resourceful and I love the fact that you even went as far as giving it a definition. Most bloggers I read about SEO didn't do that. Nice efforts bro. Keep it up okay.

Nwosu Mavtrevor said...

Nice resource and a useful one for anyone looking to do SEO properly. thanks for sharing the info.

Gautam Sharma said...

These seo tools really great. I am using some of them. This is really a nice sharing. Thanks for share such a nice stuff with us.

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks for your Comment. +Ologundudu

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks.. :)

Keep visiting here to get more tips.

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks.. +Anil

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks.. +Sam

Siddharth Sharma said...

Thanks for your Comment +Gautam

Nirmala Santhakumar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Nirmala Santhakumar said...

I use Google KW planner and SEO by Yoast WP plugin to find long tail keywords and other basic SEO stuffs for my blog post.

I know SEMrush too, will check the other SEO tools.

Useful post for the bloggers, thanks for sharing it :)

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Alex said...

Not sure we talk about SEO here , i mean we are more in to the inbound marketing and the new advertisement startegy.

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