Saturday, 22 February 2014

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Basic Need for Blog Success

Basic need for blog success
Basic need for blog success 

A good bloggers is always the one who seeks new and effective way to promote their blog by any means necessary. Bloggers are trying to improvise in their methodology for making profit from their blogs and website.

Most of the Website owners promote on social media such as face book, twitter and YouTube. Face book network holds half of the world population and the latest news “Face book acquires Whatsapp”, so now the audience are more, by right method of promotions bloggers can make a huge profit.
The most effective media for promotion is “YouTube” Yes indeed. Most of the bloggers are realising now the power of YouTube promotion.

So why should you be stay behind. Join YouTube and make a promotional video about your blog or website.

We will talk about How to make a promotional YouTube Video in our next post.

Elements for Successful Promotions

The basic elements for a profitable website promotion are :-
  1.     Time 
  2.   Money
  3.    Audience
  4.  Strategy

Let’s take good looks at these four points.

As we all know time is money and money is time. Rephrasing this saying will make a good amount of deal for a successful blogger.

Giving time to each and every article you write is also very important, because after all the article which you put up makes or breaks the image of your whole website.

Best time to compose your article is at the early morning around 8-10 am or at late night around 11-12pm. This is because there are the pike time when your mind is free of all the works and worries of your personal life.


In blogging, especially for a newbie blogger it’s really important to understand that investing money in the early stages of your blogging career is not a good idea at all.

First of all there is no need to buy domain name at the early stages, or if you have purchased the domain name already for a new blog its Good.
Starting your work with make it easier to gain speed, this is because if you use you have to buy some sort of basic package.


Audience are the main element for whom you write and work on your blog/website. So having the correct audience for your blog type is the major factor to make your blog a success.

This can be done in Two ways:- 

1. Find the Group on Google+ with a larger number of members. And promote your blog there.

2.Create a Face book page and build audience according to your blog.


Without a good strategy doing all the above is worthless. A good blogger always things ahead of its current position. If you have some experience in blogging for even a few months you may realise that all the good bloggers have good strategies for increasing their visitors every day and month.

A full discussion on strategy will be done in our next article. Stay tuned.