Sunday, 2 March 2014


Google AdSense Not Good For Indian Publishers

Google AdSense
Google AdSense 

Every Bloggers in its blogging career came across to use a paying service website called “Google AdSense” this is one of the best online paying advertising company in the world as per the saying. But, for Indian publishers Google AdSense is mostly a fraud company who show ads on the Indian publishers website and blog. But Do not pay at the time they reach the minimum pay of $10.

What are the Reason for not getting Paid

Google Adsense never tell the exact reason why do they block a publisher id and deactivate/ discontinue their account. One day they get a notice email of getting “Banned For Google AdSense”. This mail is one of the most shocking emails for any Google AdSense user.

Most of the Service user pay full attention to do not violate any rules and regulation of their term and conditions, But never got success.
As per my experience including me and my some blogging friends got banned from Google Adsense for a reason Called “Click Bombing”.

What is Click Bombing In Google Adsense Terms

As clear by the name it self Click Bombing means getting high number on clicks on any advertisement on your blog ads. Many newbies do engange in click exchange programs where some people click on each other blogs ads. This have been done over a long period of time by many successful bloggers around the world. Yes, i can say thing.

For Google Adsense , Click Bombing comes into picture when the CTR that means the Click Through Rate is higher that 5%. Mostly, according to Google Adsense report CTR reaches a max of 2%-3% in which some people make good amount of money per month.

When Will They Ban You ?

Mostly Seen, when you reach $10 they ask you for verification of your documents for getting your location and address information. Then as you start making some real cash as they minimum pay is $100 and that’s hard to come by for a newbie blogger.

Keeping this in mind Google Adsense Ban that account for Indian Publishers so that they won’t have to pay up to the user. This is the main reasons many good bloggers are also keep searching for Google Adsense Alternatives.
Indian Publishers are Advice to keep looking for a more sustainable source of income other than Google Adsense as you know USA got into crises and didn’t have money to pay up for their own cause.

Some of the Google Adsense Alternatives are:-

  1. Chitika
  2. Infolinks
  3. Media Net

Although using these is optional because they pay very less as compared to Google Adsense but are good alternative for Google AdSense


Iftekhar Ahmed said...

Yes its very true. Indians struggle very much with Adsense. But I still beleive that it works for many as I saw many live positive examples of my friends.

Good post By the way

Rajat Garg said...

It is damn true that adsense is not good for indian peoples in alternate to adsense i prefer affiliate marketing