Sunday, 28 June 2015

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3 Don’ts of Blogging

3 Don’ts of Blogging
3 Don’ts of Blogging 

Are you are blogger?  No matter if you are a newbie or a professional blogger, this topic is all for those who are blogging from so long or have just started blogging. Most of the bloggers think that just writing a 600 word content and posting on their blog will get them going. This is totally wrong.

Today I am going to tell you Some Don’ts in blogging

Don’t Be a Shy Blogger

The first thing that a blogger thinks that just by sharing their blog link will do all the work for them. This is totally wrong. Just by sharing one blog link only 5-10 people may visit it for that time only.

In blogging the more you share you link the more you will get traffic. First of all submit your blog/websitelink here. Then Share your article link not the website link on social network such as Facebook and twitter.

Don’t Write Long Content

Unless it’s a tutorial don’t write long content article on your website/blog. Having said so, we know that there is a term called Bounce Rate that every blogger have to keep in mind while managing their visitors from the reliable source such as google and other search engines.  

Check out article on How to Reduce Bounce Rate

Don’t Get into Bad Back-linking  

Back-linking is one of the ways to increase your website traffic and to increase your website ranking in google and other ranking search engines. But Get a single bad back-link will get you’re ranking down and will affect your search engine rank too. Bad backlink is nothing but site which have low search engine rank as well as low website rank.