Tuesday, 28 May 2013


How to secure your original content from being Stolen

Secure Stolen Content
Secure Stolen Content 

There are many bloggers just stole content from other blog just to quickly make their blog and does not know how the original writer will feel when he get to know the his hard work is been stolen, In Many cases writer does not know that their content has been stolen.

But Google is very smart in this type of things. Google consider your post first it has a very strict rule for copied content, the blog which show copied content will never get its Page Rank high.

There are many secured and very effective way to track down and save your content from being copied.

1.   First the Most used is the DMCA ,( Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA)) It’s a site which provide 1 take down every year for the free user. If you are a professional like a .com site. 

2. Second the must use site is the Copyscape  it tell you if your content is stolen and been used on others site. This Is also a must used tool for the professional bloggers or the website owners. Here is the link

These Two are the must have site. For all the blogger as well as website owners 
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Ravi Kumar said...

The above mentioned tools are helpful. You can also report Google for the copied content. In addition to this, watermark your images to protect it from being copied. Nice article.

Interview with S. Pradeep Kumar of hellboundbloggers.com

Benny Mathur said...

Thanks Ravi for your comment relay appreciate your interest in reading