Wednesday, 12 June 2013

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Adding essential Meta Tag To your Blog

Essential Meta Tag For your Blog
Essential Meta Tag For your Blog 

Why and How Meta Tag Are important for Your Blog

First of all what is Meta Tag? Meta tag are HTML element which help to give meta data of your blog to Google Search engine. Its helps Google to better understand your blog on what topic your blog is and what areas it covers.

Meta Data Essential For your Blog

Yes totally , meta data is the first thing that your should consider are make a blog even before posting your first post. By Doing this you will give yourself more chance and time to your blog to appear on Google. As we all know Time is the Key to Success in Blogger as older as your blog get as high rank it gets on internet.

Which Meta Tag To Add First

As the heading and the description is the key element for any blog first of all Description meta tag should be added. Here is the overlook of the Meta Data for Description:

<META CONTENT='Learn all about SEO optimization, Blogging tips, Google Page Rank, and many other things NAME='Description'/>

This is the Description meta tag it contain the description of your blog which  is monitored by Google

Then its Turn for Keywords Meta Tag. In this be very care full which words to add. Add only those words which relate to your blog and no other. Here is the overview of Keyword Meta Tag:

<META CONTENT='SEO optimization, Blogging Tips, Blogging Tricks, SEO ' NAME='Keywords'/>

This is keyword meta tag which is most important as if you use Google Adsense it will help you get the right ad’s display to your site

Next is the important Meta Tag Most of the bloggers forget to add this tag it’s the author Meta tag which tell Google Who is the Author or writer of the blog content. Here is the overview of Author Meta Tag:

<META CONTENT='Your Name ' NAME='Author'/>

This is the Author Meta Tag.

These 3 are the most need Meta Tag for any blogger from around world.

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