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Difficulty that a blogger faces

Difficulty that a blogger faces
Difficulty that a blogger faces

Now a day’s blogging is no easy task. It requires lot of hard work and tactics to even make a smallest move in the field of blogging. Saying so, I am just writing this post to share the difficulty that a blogger faces in day to day life.

For a blogger it’s very important to choose the right responsive layout for the blog. Otherwise, no one will spend a little time on an ugly looking or lazy blog. For choosing your blog template I have just one advice keep it simple and white. You can add a navigation bar also this make it SEO Optimized a little bit.

In today time it’s very important to stay up-to-date in your Niche field. If you are lagging behind all other your blog will surly stay behind the toppers.

Avoiding Other Success

Many Newbie bloggers leave blogging by seeing other successful blog on the internet. I also once a victim of this horrible misunderstanding, Yes I said misunderstanding because for being a successful blogger it’s important to leave other bloggers out of mind. Many new blogger just see the success of other bloggers and fell depressed about their own blog. Let me quote here-

Blogging is not a one day Play

Yes blogging is not a thing that can gain your success overnight. For being Successful its important that you stay focused on your own blog.

For Tips and new ideas you can ask other big bloggers of your nich that what are the latest trending topic etc, But a advice -“Never tell other bloggers what you think”.

 Yes this technique is called stealing your mind. Being able to get new innovative ideas for your blog is one of the Forte that the bloggers use for so long. If you observe closely the pattern of a blogger you will know that every blogger steals the idea of other blogger. This is how the game works otherwise no one have time to create new ideas.

Having said so, you can go search for this article title on Google you will not find any topic like this.

Reading Others Blog Regularly

Yes as everyone does, so should you. Read other blog relating to your Niche, this will get you every day overview to what to publish next on your blog. For doing this you can Subscribe to that blog and get a daily or weekly post. A word of advice-“Never publish the same article as you see”.

Taking a Leap of Faith

In blogging it all Depend on your content and time. If your Content is original then it’s a success for your blog. And as long as your blog stays active and interacting with your audience your blog will take a leaping height in rank.

For becoming more successful in blogging area it’s a good idea to buy a paid domain, this will get your ranking fast and easy and give your blog or website a better look.

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Absolutely! Blogging is not a one days play. Good post with helpful tips.

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Well written and great advice. Thanks for sharing!

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