Friday, 21 June 2013

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How to be Different from other Bloggers

Different from other bloggers
Different from other bloggers 

How to be Different from other Bloggers

There are millions of blogger all around the world. And no Doubt you are one of them so you are here reading this article. Every Blogger Have a same mind set to repeat same thing like writing article, then publishing it with good picture with them and last marketing it on face-book, Twitter and Google+.

Being same as others is not a good option when Getting Rank in Blogging is so tough and all are fighting for the same. In this age of blogging every blogger is finding a way to get ahead of the other blogger of the Niche.

Some Tips for Being Different

When you choose your blog Niche do it very carefully. If you have original regarding your blog Niche then go for it even there are thousands of same niche blog out there. As Long as your Content is original then your rank will go up.

Being Creative with your content and your blog is the best way to keep your blog different from others. Do search before writing your article and if do not find any result regarding your searched topic then write on the same topic this will increase your Traffic from Google.

Now a days it is all about how you represent your brand on Social media. Many bloggers just use social network to promote there link on it and not the blog or website. Be Sure to promote your blog or website rather than your articles.

Keeping your stuff unique is the best you can do to be different. If you run a niche blog with lots of other people with the same topic then it is good to read them first and then build your article. But never write the same thing as you read. Change most of the thing and try to keep it simple or elaborated as you like.

Most important thing to make your article different from others is your writing technique, make it unique so no one can copy that. Many fresh bloggers do a silly mistake of copy paste blogging, if your article is uniquely designed then it is save from such a threat.

Bloggers Get their ideas for article from online pre-published articles right. So you do different do a search for available books on your niche topic. Then you will Surly be different from other bloggers.

Think before you post. Try to reach out to your readers following you from your earlier article ask them what they need to know about and what do they search the net most relating to your Niche.

Think Different from other bloggers you got your own mind so why do u need to copy others ideas.

Hope this ideas will help your being different from other bloggers.
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