Tuesday, 25 June 2013

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How to drive Tons of Traffic to your blog

How to drive Tons of Traffic to your blog 

Every Blogger is stuck with this same question on how to drive a ton of traffic to their blog and make then flowing daily. Understanding the fact that driving traffic is not one day work it take lots of effort  and time to make steady traffic to you blog.

Starting with the basics

First of all, when you start a blog first make a full research of your blog niche. Visit other blogs relating to your blog Niche. Doing this will get you a clear vision for your blog and what type of articles you have to write in order to gain more visitors.

As you already know there are lots of blog relating to your same blog Niche and you have a Tough way to top.

Next thing is to get a paid domain name for your blog. As you all know long URL are not preferred by any people and most of them forget your blog adders after their first visit. So buy a paid domain name from GoDaddy.com or BigRock.com they both provide good package.

Promotion at the right moment

Most of the bloggers do social promotion at very early stages. Say they write article on their blog and start promoting it every where they can from Face-book page to groups forms etc.

To even start promoting your blog in social networking sites or any other place your blog should contain at least 20-30 article at the time of promotion.
Have this much of content help your visitors to stay more time on your blog and reduce your bounce rate Read more about Reducing Bounce rate.

Tip- Reducing Bounce Rate increases your blog rank  

Driving Traffic from Face-Book

Everyone know that face-book contain half the world people. This is the best social Networking site to drive 50% of your blog traffic. But doing it in the right way is also important.

Many people on face-book get irritated to see your links again and again on their news feed. Yes this is true, doing a continues promotion of your blog can be dangerous for your blog rank and traffic.

So when and how to promote, First of all find the groups relating to your blog niche this will create a automatic visitors to your blog from the moment you share your first article there.

For Getting the Best traffic from face-book present your best written article on your blog don’t mind other people blog having same Topic covered before you as long as your content is unique and original everyone loves to read it.

Driving Traffic from Google+

Yes, many people don’t know till now that Google+ is also used as a source to drive traffic to your blog and it is more frequent. Let’s say you shared your link in a Community of Google+ people visit it at the time they view there Google+ profile, then they revisit when they check their email as they get notified that u have posted in the community so this way u can get double the traffic from Google+.

In Google+ the most Community you join there is more chance to get good readers for your blog and yes obviously you have to join same Niche community of your blog.

As for the other social Networking sites like Twitter well there is not much or I can say no traffic scope. So they are just a waste of time and internet to promote on.

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