Tuesday, 11 June 2013

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How to earn online without Using Google Adsense

How to earn online without Using Google Adsense
How to earn online without Using Google Adsense 

Earning without Adsense Sounds wired Right ? But now a days anything is possible so why not earning without Adsense. This article will help all the people who can’t get approved by Google Adsense or Got banned By Adsense.

Google Adsense is a well know platform to earn a fair amount of money online without making any professional efforts but there is a need of some efforts to start generating income from it. Having that in mind I came up with some alternates or you can say other ways to Earn online even if you didn’t get your Adsense Account approved.

So Why are you Looking For Alternative

The Most effective reason to search for the alternative to Google Adsense is that your site does not comply with the Policy of Adsense and you got disapproved. One more Reason for this is that you might be Got Banned from Google Adsense  due to some invalid clicks or any Froude you have commit against its Rules and regulation. Google is very strict about its policy and to maintain a Good relation with their partners.

Are There Real Alternative To Google Adsenes

As many of us think that there is only Google Adsense to Earn online, But no there are some alternative also. The Major Problem with the alternatives are that only some of them real and many fake and won’t pay you up for your work.

How Can You Earn Online

There are many sites which allow article facility and pay  you for writing article for them. Its Good if your English grammar is good and you can write well. You can earn up to 100$ per article from these sites.

Many Website pay you just to check the email advertisement and gives pay per click money. These type of sites are good but no guaranty of payment. Its ok to give them a try.

Here are some Sites You can Submit Your Article and earn Through it :-

2. Bukisa.com
3. Newsvine.com

These are the Best Sites to submit your article and earn money. Just to remind they wont pay much but is always better than nothing.

Now About some Ad’s Paying Sites

Let me remind you that by far Google pays the most but there is always alternative to everything. So here are the collection of only the best paying sites.
3.Yahoo Bing Network

These are the best in the race.
There are Also some very low paying site lets have a look at them. You can give them a try also If you got 5000 visiters per day then only these site will generate some amount of cash other wise there is not of your use.

2. Vibrant Media
3. Adside
5.   Bidvertiser

Thanks for reading stay tuned to get some more interesting articles by Benny Mathur.

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