Sunday, 2 June 2013

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How to Find If Google Indexed Your Blog

Are you a new blogger? Started some months back and still didn’t see your blog on Google search. Some possible reasons for this is that you many have forgot to index your blog URL to Google. Do it now here is the link.

Why only stay to Google submit your site to yahoo also, sending your URL to many sites increase your blog chances to be searched on the web.

Now how do u really find your blog on Google and Yahoo and tell if they have indexed your blog yet or not. Do this simple search on Google. Type in Your Whole URL into Google search and Before that Just add  doing this will Search your blog from there list and show the result mainly there is only on result to your blog the main page.

Here is a Image how your blog search will be seen by you

Search Your site on Google
Search Your Site on Goolge 

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