Monday, 10 June 2013

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How to Promote your Blog In the Real World

Promote your Blog Out to the World
Promote your Blog Out to the World 

Real World Promotion what does it mean? Do you for a fact that other then your online friends and Face-book, Twitter, Google+ etc no one know that you run a blog and how successful in doing that. If you go ask your friend who surf internet for the whole day he/she would also may not know that you run such a blog or website.  

This is the major Drawback of your blogging career this is why your blog does not get ranking in its own country and stay behind many other blogs.
Let take my blog for example other then you who is reading this article your friends and family does not know about my blog or my article what I am writing.

Is Real World Promotion Really Needed

Promoting Your Blog Offline
Promoting Your Blog Offline 

As I told you earlier in this article that other than your online friends no one know you runs a blog or a website so no matter how good your Page Rank or Alexa Rank if your friends does not know your blog it’s not good.

How to Reach Out to your Friends

Well this is the easy part, interacting with your friends the best way to promote your blog. Tell them that you have made a blog give them your blog URL and tell them to visit it just for once. If you are writing about studies they might visit your blog often to get more help on studies and this way you can make some really good readers for your blog.

How to Reach Out to your Local People

This technique include a little money but the results are fortunate, you will be able to make some not lots but some readers for your blog by using this technique.

So, what to do? I assume that if you are living in a porch area there will a cyber café or internet café there where people go to check out their face-book account or just to surf net.

What you can do is that you can make agreement with the café owner to make their internet browser home page go to your blog URL. This will cost you on monthly basic as per the owner proposal. In this technique money is required so be sure that you have a earning method to balance the cost.

An approx. estimate is around 5000 per month. If you choose a café with lots of people visiting per day your budget must be of 2laks per year it’s a total of 12 months or as per your negotiation with the café owner.

What Else You can Do?

If you a big website owner and can manage to make high quality articles what you can do is to ask your local newspaper editor to publish your article or ad’s for your website or blog but let me remind you that the budget is as low as 5000 to as high as 1lakh for a full page ad’s.

What if You Don’t have a Big Budget ?

If you are just a small regular blogger but want to spread your thing to other people and cant afford to make monthly or yearly agreement with the café owner and can’t give ad’s to local newspaper what you can do is to print Pamphlet on order it’s affordable and by just giving some money to the howkers to put that into the newspaper so it can reach a very wide area of people and with a very little cost your blog or website will be other there in public eyes.

Thanks for reading the article hope it will help you gain more readers.

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