Monday, 17 June 2013

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Marketing Strategies for your Website

Marketing Strategies for your Website

We all bloggers know that without readers our blog is nothing just another website with no identity in the millions of other website just like ours. Getting your website or blog out to the public is the most hardest task for any website / blog Founder or CEO.

Gaining Readers takes a lot of time and work for any blogger. And Most important are the loyal Readers.

The Essential Things Before Start Marketing for Website

Many Blogger want to just make money from blogging. They know only one that getting traffic to their blog is the key thing for generating money. But this is only Half of Half the thing that you should know before start making money from the blog.

Buying a Paid domain

Buying a paid domain name for your blog for which your are dame sure to run. Many blogger buy domain but do not do anything with that and it’s a total waste.

Pre-Launch Survay

Even Before launching your blog or website survey is the most needed thing that you can do for the best out-come for your blog. Ask Your friends if they like a particular topic to search on the internet.You can ask your Face-book friends what they like to read or watch on internet. Doing this survey can make your blog or website a instant hit on the internet and can go viral too.

Hiring People for your blog

If you are a still a student and want a professional website or just a professional blog with or without domain name you can ask your best friend which spend a fair amount of time on internet to help you out and even you can make small payment like 100Rs or 200Rs for things he do for your website. All this can you do from your pocket Money.

If you Are a man who have a steady income and can afford to hire professionals for your blog then there are lots of people willing to help you if you pay them good. But watch out for the fake online website go for the real people for solutions.

How to Progress In Marketing

After doing the above method you already gained a steady amount of traffic to your website or blog that you are running.

For further growth of your blog it’s Important that you use social networking at best. Many blogger use social network but not strongly or effectively that they can be used now a days.

Face-book Cover half of the world more than a billion people are into it and they belong to every part of the earth. Hitting the social network is the best.

For Doing Social Promotion you can tell your friends to share your link on there timeline. This cover more than 1000-2000 people on face-book. You can do this with all your friends so think how much you can cover in a day just by sharing 1 link.

How to use Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the best marketing strategies for any website or blog owner.My friend Amal Rafeeq has a very good article Ultimate Guide To Email Marketing And BuildingPowerful Lists Online. This article include all the info and best one on the internet.

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