Tuesday, 11 June 2013

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Things that Let your Blog Not Grow to Success

Things that Let your Blog Not Grow to Success
Things that Let your Blog Not Grow to Success

Many blogger start blogging does it 3-4 months and then leave it because they does not get success in blogging. I was like that before I started this blog which is now growing to success.

For long I keep thinking that what I did wrong with my previous so they are not even close to this blog. Then I it came to my sense that I have some major error or mistakes that I was making in my previous blog and due to which it won’t grow.

Now it’s time that you don’t want to repeat my mistakes which you may have unseen and which is letting your blog down and stopping it from being a success.

So what mistake that I have made here is a list of those:-

    1.   First of all I was a copy-cat I admit it. I used to copy some text from other sites and modify it and write some thing to it and just hit the publish button.

Never Ever Publish Copied Content.

2.     Think Before Publishing.

 I just go on Publishing article 10-20 per day its very bad for any website or newbie blogger because Google Need Time and original content to index they skip multi-post and copied content

Never Just Keep on Publishing Articles

3.     Reading Your Own Articles. 

Many blogger just publish article even before reading it on their own. By reading your own article it let you correct the mistake that will be spotted by your readers.

Read Your Own Article Once

4.   Write For your Readers. 

     For so long bloggers write for SEO and Google Page Rank to stand out. Don’t Do that write for your Readers to give them information that you have and they want.

Write For Readers

5.     Simplify Your Blog. 

Readers Need simple navigation through your blog so they can get what they want. Don’t Put un needed Popup Ad’s or Face-book like popup widget. This only make your potential readers to leave your site as soon they see these type of things.

Avoid Popup

6. Lessen Loading time. 

People now a days need quick response and hate those sites with take more than 1second to load (yes 1 second).Avoid using any plugin that might increase your site loading time.

Less Loading Time More Readers

7.    Correct Writing. 

People Hate to read wrong spellings and Grammatical Mistakes. Avoiding that will surely help you out. If you don’t know the correct spelling Just Google it or find the alternate word whose spelling is easy and you know.

Write Correct Spellings

8. Don’t See Others Success.

 Yes don’t see how success my blog is or any other website success full then mine. This only lets you down and you start felling to leave this blogging and doing something else.

Never See Others Success

Following These 8 tips or Guidelines can make your blog success. Keep working and you will be awarded.Thanks for reading the article hope this will help you. Willing to write more interesting stuff for your help.

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