Tuesday, 4 June 2013

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Time Management for Full Time Blogger

 Time Management for Full Time Blogger
 Time Management for Full Time Blogger (Source :-www.kenfolios.com)

Are you a full time or part time blogger? For Many Bloggers time is been a great issue. Is that your problem too, if yes you are at the right post to read I am going to explain how to manage time while working full time on your blog.

Are you a Full time blogger? For a Full time blogger its important to start generating income In about 2-3 months of Blogging other- wise it’s a total waste of time you spend on blogging. For a full time blogger its important to make social presence as well as blog at the right time and precise moment.

For a full time blogger it’s a 50-50 for doing both social media and blogging so they should divide their time. At first half make only 2-3 good SEO optimized original content in a week  relating their blog’s. After that spend time on social media like Face-book, Twitter etc.
 If you give more time in writing you will end up getting high traffic for only 1-2 weeks and then nothing as you have unfolded all the article you have in your mind.

Social Media Management
Social Media Management 

Try to Generate Traffic with as less content you can. Make them come back to read so you can maintain a Steady flow of traffic all time long.

Many bloggers Try to make as many post and then start the promoting their website or blog its not good because a person may ready all your post in one day and does not return for the next few days that bad for a blog owner.

At Last Few words

Be True to Your Readers By Reading Original they will surly Return To you Blog”

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