Thursday, 6 June 2013

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Time Management For Part Time Bloggers

Time Management For Part time blogger
Time Managment For Part-Time Bloggers

Blogging Is Now such a craze many people who are in full time jobs also look forward to start their own blog and make some social appearance so people know more about them through there blog. The Biggest Problem with them to manage their office and blog at the same time.

What Types of Blog are preferred for a part time Blogger

For a part time blogger it’s important to focus on their current job rather than blogging, So they can make blog about their life how they live, or if they are some professional in some arts they can show case that via blog.

Making a blog creates a unlimited ways to make see people who you really are and what can you do other than just basic job of your (No offence).

How to Manage Your Blogging and Job

How to manage Your Blog and Job
How to manage Your Blog and Job

For the Person doing a job and part time blogger it’s highly recommended to blog on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) It’s the most relaxing and best time to blog as for the week you are busy in your office work and can’t give a little time for blogging.

Blogging Also depend on your job hours. Let me explain if you have a job of say morning 9 to-night 7 and still feel some energy then you can think (just think not blog) about your next blog article.

For Making a Success of blog for a part timer it’s important to know there audience very well. Let’s say you work in a software company so you can blog about software review and tell your co-workers when they get time they visit your blog for more info this way you can gain readers and they get the info.

As we all know there is a tough way to make it to the top or just some success in blogging and for part timers its only in their dreams i say different any blogger part or full time can be a success if he manages to do so.

 As a Part Time Blogger always remember to focus on the blog topic only when you are free to do so otherwise it will affect your job. Being as simple as you can in the blog is the best you can do for yourself.

If you like to earn through blog just apply for Chitika , Clicksor before going for Google Adsense. When your blog is some months old (mainly 3 ) then go for the Google Adsense.

Most Important is to be short in your article, do small articles this way you can get more stuff on blog rather than only full bulky article. People love to get as much info in as less they can.

At Last “ Be Good To Blog and readers will come follow you”

If You have Read the Whole Article You will be Laughing By now.

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