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How to build Blog Reputation from scratch

Making  Blog Reputation
Making  Blog Reputation 
Hello all fellow bloggers. Today I am going to explain how to setup your blogging from scratch and making it a Standing recognized blog. For most of us bloggers it’s always about making our-self popular via blogging right. Getting some reorganization from some website or big people in blogging industry that is our primary motto.

Ok, to start off with the blogging thing it’s really important to focus on one main particular topic in which you have a master (not a master but yes a good knowing of that topic). Having a clear view of topic and of your blog will get you started right on target. This will also get you Good Search Engine Optimization for your blog.

Most of the newbie blogger just blog about random things on their blog which will surly harm your readers as well as reputation in the latter stages of blogging. So, sticking to one particular topic is a must. Let me give you an example of myself only I have been writing blogs on various topics in the past few years but I got success in blogging Niche blogs only because I know some facts and figures that I can share with you to make you more perfect in blogging.

Focusing on Content Quality Not Quantity

Quality Vs Quantity
Quality Vs Quantity 

When people start blogging for the first time in their life, they probably as people who are already blogging for some time from most of the people they ask tells them to write big article of about 600-1000 words because it’s good for Search engine and blab blab la… etc. I say bullshit (sorry for my language) but you know something that words are not a concern in blogging well you need to have at least 600 words article to get going. Most important in your article is your quality of writing if your article is full of words with no meaning it’s of no use. I have written one article earlier with a catchy headline and all that but the content is of no quality when I got the feedback so it’s mainly about the quality all the time.

Writing for Targeted Audience

Targeted Audience
Targeted Audience 

Targeted audience is the one thing that a newbie blogger should think about the most. With the right audience your blog will fly sky high from the moment it’s live on internet.

Most of the newbie blogger just see one side of blogging which is Search engine optimization for their blog success but I see the other side where SEO does not even matter. If you only write for people and you gets a huge no. of people reading if you would not have to even care about SEO as long as your article is unique and original.

Keep it Steady And Simple

Keep It Simple
Keep It Simple 

I am talking about your blog template or theme whatever you have put up. I have seen many newbie blogger (including me) changing their template or theme more frequently than focusing on one template to work with. This creates a lot of confusion among the readers and you might lose some of you precious and loyal readers of all time. I have lost around 20 readers of my own blog it’s a big time loss I must add here.

Now as you all know is a time for SEO templates without which you can except you simple old blogger default template will do any good for your blog. As few years back I guess you have heard the news that blogger template comes with some issues with Search Engines and browsers.

Connect with People On Social Network

Social Networking
Social Networking 

As you all know social media is now one of the basic and most wanted needs of all time. Bloggers already know the importance of social networking sites in the bloggers life so no need to explain that.
But having friends on face book and having friends which can help you out in bloggers are both totally different things. A 1 friend with benefit is good than 100’s of friends with no benefits.

Some social sites which are most helpful for a bloggers are: Face book, Twitter, Pinterest these are the three most used platforms to showcase your blog and gaining you loyal visitors.

Share your Article But In Limit

Share you Blog Article
Share you Blog Article 

I have seen many newbie blogger to just keep on sharing their blog articles here and there with no sense of sharing. If you share more than 2 articles link in 1 hour your blog will be get unnoticed by many people for sure. Focusing on how you share and where you share your article is it the right place or not can get you sometime good amount of traffic or sometime none at all.

For around 1-2 years I didn’t know where to share my blog and how to share it properly for getting the right audience for my blog. But soon I started observing other bloggers and found where to place my blog link for right audience so it’s also very important to observe and learn from other bloggers many times they help you in many ways without even talking to them.

 Author Saying

 Hay I am Benny Mathur writer of this article. This article will get you started to make your blog more successful and growing your small blogging business into a big success. Turn your head into the above thing and your blog will we soon up and running and will be in the names of big bloggers.

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