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How to get quality Backlinks for your Blog?

This Guest post is by Varun who is a content writer , Backlinks! One thing which every blogger tries to get as much as he or she can for his/her blog. Backlinks are a good way for increasing the Page rank of one’s website and the process of getting backlinks come in Off page optimization of blog. No doubt it is difficult to get backlinks for your blog, but if you do a little bit of hard work you can easily get a couple of high quality backlinks for your blog. Today I am going to share some good sources of generating high quality backlinks.

Guest Posting

Guest Post : Source
Guest Post : Source

Guest posting is one of the best and most preferred methods to get high quality backlinks. Search all the websites which are similar to your blog and write informative content for them as guest bloggers. Sharing your information with others!!!  That should be your main motto. Write unique informative content for different blogs and submit your link of your website in the author bio. Aim for websites similar to your niche with high Page Rank. In this way you can get a high quality backlink by doing guest posting.

Yahoo Answers

Yahoo Answers
Yahoo Answers

One of the best services which I like about Yahoo is Yahoo Answers. If I am having any doubt I will definitely go to Yahoo answers post my query there and within few hours I will get the answer to my query. The way of getting a backlink through yahoo answers is very simple. Yahoo answers has different levels. When you reach level 2 in Yahoo Answers, you get an option to insert an active link in your reply. Just for example, If someone has asked for “Best Wordpress Themes of 2013” and if I have written a post regarding best Wordpress themes in my blog, then I will reply with the names of the themes as the answer to the question asked by the user and will also mention the link of the post which I have written in my blog so that if the user wants to know more information, he can know it by clicking on the link provided by me. In this way you can good high quality backlinks for your blog from Yahoo Answers.

Blog Commenting

Blog Commenting Source
Blog Commenting Source

Another way to get quality backlinks for your blog is through Blog Commenting. Comment on the blogs which are similar to your niche. If you have any extra information with you for any post which is posted on that blog, share that information and put the link of your website below it mentioning to click there to obtain more information. In this way you can good high quality backlinks for your blog from Blog Commenting.

Forum Posting

Fourm Posting
Fourm Posting 

Post on forums which are having content similar to your website. Just like Blog commenting forum posting is similar. Target big discussion boards, place the link on those boards mentioning clicking there you will get more information (Keep in mind to really provide information in your blog regarding that discussion). In this way you can good high quality backlinks for your blog from Forum Posting.

Author  Bio:-

This article was written by Varun Saini. He likes to blog about gadgets and blogging. You can visit his website Gizmodtech for getting latest technology updates.

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vishal soni said...

Nice post benny. Very helpful for new blogger.

Atul Kumar Pandey said...

Yahoo answer is the very quick way to get so many good back links for your blog. However they do not provide do follow back links but still the links from yahoo answer is good thing for seo and web traffic also...

Thanks for sharing nice info...

Raboken said...

Yes these steps and tips are good for getting links for a blog but what about a startup business websites? do you have any suggestions for them? As I see and think these tips may or may not always work for a new business website. So I would like to know if you can put some light on how to get some good back links for new non-blog websites.

Benny Mathur said...

Yes Raboken i will soon post some thing on that topic also stay tuned.

thanks for the comment

Jain Anurag said...

Good post Benny... helpful for a new bloggers..

Bushra Muzaffar said...

Very helpful post.

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Blogspot Blog said...

Guest post is the one of the genuine way to build more backlinks.
Thanks for sharing other ways.