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How to write long pillar articles easily

How to write long pillar articles easily
How to write long pillar articles easily

 This is a Guest Article From Vishal Soni, If you know the basics of blogging than I am sure that you know about the importance of pillar articles on your blog. Pillar articles are those articles which are normally longer than your average, which adds some great value, which has a great quality and which keeps your reader much longer on your site.

Now first thing that you have to clear on your mind is you should have some basic information about your topic. If you have decided title of your post than its great or if you don't get your title than don't worry.

Have you ever given any exam? Just kidding, there is no one who didn't give any exam. What happen if your Question paper is empty and you are told to write questions and answers both on your own. You get confused on selecting the best question. The same thing happens in blogging. You have blank paper and don't know what is the question. You just has a title or say your question right . But how much you can write on the single question? 200 words,300 words or 500 words. After that it will become more and more harder to write more on it.

If you are not getting my point then let me clear it more.  I am taking example of my own post and how I write this post.

So we are in exam and I don't have any question on my question paper. So first I decided my question "How to write Pillar articles easily?”. As I am giving exam I know the little bit from where I can write my introduction as well as I can write conclusion because they don't need any kind of research, it need just a basic knowledge.

Now the main thing is coming, the main content of your article. So what I do is I divided my big Question (Title of the Post) into small question. Below is the list of some small question. 

These are some random question which came in my mind-

1) Why we should write pillar articles/Introduction

2) What to do before we write pillar articles

3) How to collect information about your article

4) When you should write pillar article

5) How often we write Pillar article

6) Can I write Pillar article for other blog or as a guest post

Now anyone can write at least 50-100 words per question means if we calculate the words it will be 500-600 words in just a six Question. You can write as many as question and that much words for each question.

As I said each question will need to do research so the benefit this strategy is you also cover the most of the point other- wise if you direct start to write your article may be you can forget some of the point. I suggest you to write more than 10 questions so even if you write only 50 words per question than you will get more than 500 words to your article as well as you will get a well researched article.

How to prepare the list of your question?

Preparing Question List
Preparing Question List 

Well, it’s up to you. My suggestion on this question is first write the question that comes to your mind first. Try to add Why, What and how before the post title as it can make some good and basic question. Try to search about it on Google and you will get more things but remember that you write all the things in your words.

How Long you should write your Pillar articles?

How long Should be your Article
How long Should be your Article 

Sky has no limit. Try to put everything in the single article as people like to read all the point at the one place. You can write as many as word. I am not saying that it must be more than 1000 words or 2000 words but try to cover all small points with the main points. First research well your article and you should write all the things in your own words.

How to research about your article?

Article Research
Article Research 

All search engines are the best way to get the knowledge. If you are thinking that it is already present on Google than why should I write? Answer of this question most of the articles are present on the often misses some points that you can cover in your article. People will surely like your Post if you have your own words and uniqueness.

Well I would like to end my article here. Pillar articles will help you to get huge traffic and it will build your authority on that area. You will get many views from the search engines which is very important for every Blogger. So Let me know your views on this article by your comments.

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