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Search Engine Optimization for your Website (Part I)

Search Engine Optimization
Search Engine Optimization 

Bloggers are always searching the best blogs to find the best solution for their blog to make it Fully Optimized for Search Engine. For so long I have also searched and searched but never found the right solution. Today I am going in detail info on how to make your blog fully Search Engine optimized

In my previous article I have written on SEM (Search Engine marketing) SEM is also important but it’s very cost effective only big website owners who got steady income can go for that.
This is the main reason why most of the bloggers and some website owners go for Search engine optimization because it’s free and easy to use also.

First Optimizing your Blog Title 
Blog Title Optimization
Blog Title Optimization 
This section is most important because it’s important that your site looks good on Google Search with the right title and write description showing

For doing the Title Optimization here are following steps to do it simple and easy way

. Go to Template Section from option

.Click Clt+F then type in 


For optimizing the Title just replace it by

<b:if cond='data:blog.url == data:blog.homepageUrl'>
<title><data:blog.pageName/> ~ <data:blog.title/></title>

Save and it’s done! Yes now you can check it while sharing your blog on social networking sites.

Second Doing the Image Optimization
Image Optimization for Blogger
Image Optimization for Blogger 
This is also the most important and most misunderstood and unclear thing. Here is the best tip to do it in the right way.

. While posting the image give it’s caption (caption is most important).

. Write the Alt text and Title Text and save this makes your image Search engine optimized.

Save and you are done with Image Optimization.

Third Making your Blog Print Ready

Make Your blog a  Print Ready Blog
Make Your blog a  Print Ready Blog 

Yes making your blog print ready is the most needed thing for your blog. And many blogger just miss out on this step. Here is the simple script to add to your blogger template:

.Go to Template and add it under header Section

<style media='print' type='text/css'>
 #noprint {display: none;}
       // Hide unwanted elements
 body {background:fff; color:000;}
       // Black text on White background
 a {text-decoration: underline; color:00f;}
       //Underline Hyperlinks in blue

Now It’s time for some post related Search engine optimization 

Right Keywords Search

Right Keywords for your blog
Right Keywords for your blog

Many bloggers have seen that even that they have written a good article with more than 1000 words of Information, they still don’t get views from Search engine.

The most important thing that you might be missing is the Keyword usage and giving your article a good description. Just do some research before write an article and find the correct keyword for your articles and put them in but don’t but too many this can harm your blog.

Choosing right font for your Article

Font Selection for your Article
Font Selection for your Article

Many People try to make their blog more attractive by keeping funky font for their article. By doing this your readers are very uncomfortable in reading your article and leave your site as soon as they reach your site.

For getting the best result for your readers and making them happy keep your font to either Ariel or The Time New Roman or now a day’s one more font is used its Baskerville Old Face. These are the 3 most used and effective for your blog article.

Linking Your Old Articles to the new One

Linking old Article to new Once
Linking old Article to new Once 

In blogging every article you write stays online forever unless you delete it yourself.

Most of the bloggers write articles and just forget it in the future and promote other new article. It’s very important to keep alive your old articles as well. For best result you can link your old articles with the new once so people can reach it from there and this also reduces your bounce rate.

Optimizing Page loading time

Optimizing Page Load Time
Optimizing Page Load Time 

Most of the bloggers use some kind of widget to reduce their loading time but that totally wrong. The widget you use increase your page loading time so keep as less widget on your homepage to reduce page loading time.

The optimum time to load a page as per Google is 1 second max. Any blog or website taking more than 1 second is considered to be very slow loading.

As Per our analysis Face-book the most used Social Networking site is slower than 99% of the other website and blogs available on internet.  

For Further reducing page loading time your make a static page for your blog and make it home page which loads faster as it have only some widget.

In this article we have told you about the basic thing that you must do for optimizing your blog for search engine.

Stay Tuned for Second and final part of the Article on How to Optimize your Blog for search engine.

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For small bloggers like me and the rest, SEO is the backbone. We can't expect huge traffic from social media since we do not have that much followers and social media is a just a number game. So working on seo is the most important thing to work on.

Nice post, :)
Looking forward to the second part.

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