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How Can Social Networking Be Life Changing for your Website? (Part 1)

Social Networking Sites
Social Networking Sites 

We all use face-book all the time but never really see into it for how it can drive 50% of your blog traffic. Focusing on that today I am going to tell you how Social Networking can be a life changer for you. Most of us make Face-book pages, Groups to promote our blog article or website link.

By doing this we ensure 20% of traffic to our blog. Let me give some static here if you promote your blog in 5 groups in which on average there are 2000 members. There are only 2% chances that more than 10 people will visit your blog link. 

Only 4-5 people click on your blog link and read your whole article other-wise it’s just a waste for other people. So it means only 25 people from 10,000 people visit your blog. That’s a bit disappointing for all the bloggers to have such a static most of us does not even look into it.

We like to share our article link every-where any time. This on the other hand makes people getting annoyed having your link pop-up on their screen every few minutes. Many people use some tools to share their link in all the groups at once on face-book this makes you shareaholoic   

Talking About Face-book And It’s Impact on Blogging


Till today and till this very time Face-book is one of the most popular and the high traffic achieving site of all time. If you are able to get 5% of face-book traffic to visit your blog then you can make millions of dollars for sure.

All most all the bloggers share their article in face-book groups and pages. There are only few who share their article on Twitter, stumble and other social networking sites.
For getting traffic other than from face-book there is a well known technique known as Search Engine Optimisation or in short SEO. This makes Google to fetch your article link and show it on the top list of the search results. There is a weird connection between face-book and blogging.

“Everyone who blog share it on Face-book but, everyone on Face-book does not blog”

Talking About You Tube And How to promote on it


Even though You Tube does not come under social networking sites. Many People try to promote their websites, blogs etc via You Tube. Only few people gain success in doing this.  

For targeting audience via You Tube you have to make animation movies or make someone speak in the video. Just making some text presentation and making video of it’s won’t work to get visitors driven to your blog or website.
People Search You Tube for innovative stuff and new latest Stuff. If you video is boring then no one will see it.

If you make the right video according to people likings and your website reputation then you can drive 30% traffic to your website via You Tube.
To promote your You Tube Videos you can share its link to the groups or forms you are joined into. Rather than promoting your article link if you only promote your blog there are more chances that a person after viewing your video (if Good) will visit your blog for sure.

This Conclude our First Part of Understanding How Social networking can change your blogging career.

Stay Tuned For Next Part Coming Soon….


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