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How to Choose the Right Guest Author

How to Choose Right Guest Author
How to Choose Right Guest Author

Now a day’s Guest Posting or you can say Guest Blogging is trending. Many Old or new people are getting into this fast growing trend of Guest Blogging.

In this process of Guest Posting many are professional and many are newbie. Taking in consideration that you may be a newbie guest blogger or article write today I am going to explain how you can judge a person if he is good for guest authoring on your blog or not.

Why People Do Guest Post

Why Guest Posting
Why Guest Posting 
Not long ago guest blogging was at a boom every other person was trying to get into guest authoring on big websites and well ranked blogs to get a back-link for their own website or blog to increase blog rank in Google.

Then the trend shifted to Paid Guest Authoring. This included paying up a person who is intending to write for you. This trend is now on going and hope to last long as long as the Guest Blogger and the Blog owner both get paid this will continue. 

Types of Guest Authors

Types of Guest Authors
Types of Guest Authors 

There are three Types of Guest Authors available on various platform namely Face-book, Orkut, MyGuestPost, Post Joint etc.

Understanding the types of Guest Authors around us:

1. Full Time Paid Guest Authors

There are many people who are willing to write for you if you pay them well. They charge as per the word length of the article. Most of the full time article writer are very good in writing skill and have got published on big websites. Let me include here that they charge higher than your thinking or per article cost.
You can find them on Post Join, My Blog Post and sometime of Face-book well mannered groups or pages.

2. Freelance Writer

These are a type of Paid Guest author but they are not full time. They work as they like to. You can expect 1-4 articles in a month from them.
Most of the Freelance writers are good in writing skills as I have said for the above one.

3. One Time Guest Writer

They are bit different from Guest Author they only write one or two time on any one blog and then move on to the next blog. They do it for gaining popularity in writing field and letting people know them.

Ensuring The A Person Is Really A Guest Author

There are many fake people in the Guest Authoring profession. You can’t tell whether the person is really a Guest author and write authentic article or just do a spin on the article and submit it you.

This caused many big bloggers in to the problem of Copyright suit. My friend’s blog also handled someone like this but luckily got out from that.
It’s important to do some background research about the person whom you have kept to write for you. Here are some of the steps you can follow:

1. Search that if he/she have done some Guest articles on other known website or not.

2. Take a Sample article and run it through Plagiarism checker/copyscap and find if the article is a spin or original.

3. If they own a blog or website be sure to check it out once. This will give you an idea how they are going to write for you.

If the Person passes the entire above test keep him/her right away on the work on my saying.

Thanks for reading hope this article will get you the right way of seeing your guest writers from now on. Plz give your valuable comments below.


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