Thursday, 2 January 2014


New Year, A New Challenge for Bloggers

New Challenge for Bloggers in 2014

Over the past few years blogging have become a part of the life of many bloggers who started it as a “Just for Fun” thing. As the craze of blogging developed in the school students as well as college students now, it’s all competition among them as to who provide better content than one another.

As the advancement of New Word press technologies more and more bloggers have shifted to from, this can be a smart move for the old and well established bloggers but new bloggers should stick to the free blogging platform because it proved free unlimited uploads where as in you have to buy, and investing money into blogging while you are still learning the basic tactics of blogging is not a good idea.

There can be some of the points on which bloggers now have to shift their focus on. They are:-

1. Fresh Content

Blogging have become a new playing thing over internet, so every new comer is posting new and fresh content every day. But in recent studies about blogging By Benny Mathur (that’s me) I have observed that now the content is getting repeated some way or the other might also called them “Spinned” Article in which the same article is presented in a different way.

2. Promotional Activities

In 2013 we say SEO both off page and on page, both effective enough to make a blog up and running within a week, some of the very new blogs got good Google Ranking by using these SEO tactics.

It’s a long 2014 year ahead and finding new tactics for blog promotions is kind of hard stuff now.

What Should a Blogger Do in 2014

2014 came with new possibilities for a blogger , as the competition is now very tough to survive in this blogging industry , all the bloggers have to give their 100% to make their on the top of the list.

To make this happen here is some advice that you can follow to make your blog success in 2014:-

1.  Think out of the Box

Yes, in New Year you should provide new article and new ideas to bloggers. There are many newbie bloggers who joined blogging in 2014 for them you can create new teaching course for blogging, sounds funny right? But it’s the truth many people do this so why not you ….

2. Never give too much

In 2013 I have observed many blogs which give surplus amount of information in one article, avoid this will make your blog read by the visitor in daily routine. If you provide all the information in one article then the visitor will not visit your blog again for new information.


Iftekhar Ahmed said...

Very well writen post. Yes it will be a new challenge for bloggers in 2014 due to increased interest in this field

Anonymous said...

Awesome article. Creating idea is great way.
2014 is going to be challenging for all blogger