Monday, 29 June 2015

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Getting Country Specific Traffic

Country Specific Traffic 

One of the Major aspects of blogging is getting traffic. A good traffic means that you can make a decent amount of money from online advertising website such as Google AdSense, Media.Net and many others.

But getting traffic to a website/blog is more of a challenge as for the newbie blogger as well as some of the professional blogger too sometimes. Talk of which, traffic should be consistent as well as returning traffic.

A good organic traffic (traffic from search engines) will make the website popular as well as will get a high ranking in search engines depending on the content.

How to Get Country Specific Traffic

First of all let’s understand what country specific traffic means.

Country Specific Traffic means to generate a traffic source from a target country such as US, Canada, China etc. Getting International traffic for Indian bloggers is one of their main aim, in term to make money from their blogging.

Getting Traffic

First off all just after a website is built if should be placed on a Domain Name which represents the website on the internet via a specific link which is called the Domain address.

A preferred domain will be a .Com site which stands for commercial websites and is a standard for all websites. Other than this there are .net, .biz , and many others domain extension that can be purchased and used by the website owner.

So How to Get Country Specific Traffic?

  • Get a Country Specific Domain Address Such as, or, here .in will get most of the traffic from India and .as will get traffic from Australia mostly.
  • Host the website on a US based address while purchasing a server space. This can be achieved by the help and mutual understanding of a friend living in abroad.
  •  Share website link on Google+. Yes, most of the bloggers stay away from Google+ but most of the international traffic can be generated from google+.
  • Use Country specific Keywords in the blog/website articles which can drive more traffic from search engines. Working on Specific keywords can generate a lot of traffic from different countries.
  • In the Google Webmaster Choose Target Specific Country and select the Specific country. What will this do is that when a specific keyword is search on the search engine if the website have relevant keywords the site will be shown in the search result as per the ranking of the website.